Bebelait 3

As your baby’s first birthday approaches, your cute little one starts standing without support, begins to walk, throws an object, waves goodbye and starts calling names such as “mama” and “dada”. In order to support the rapid growth at this stage, BebeLait 3 is the right choice for the right growth requirements which ensures the exact quantity of nutrients for proper nutrition. In addition, BebeLait 3 provides protection through the presence of the friendly bacteria Bifidus which reduces diarrheal attacks and promotes healthy digestion.

For toddlers from 1-3 years, who are growing fast and need optimal nourishment and protection, BebeLait 3 Toddlers Milk Formula is more than just cows' milk fulfilling the needs of your toddler from 1-3 years and contains:

  • Omega-3 & Omega-6 for better visual acuity and cognitive ability.
  • Bifidus bacteria (probiotics) to promote comfortable digestion and strengthen your child’s immunity.
  • Iron to support mental development, healthy blood formation and prevent iron deficiency anemia.
  • 28 essential vitamins & minerals for optimal growth and development
  • Adequate quality & sufficient quantity of protein for the appropriate building of strong muscles and tissues.
  • More calcium & vitamin D for boning up in the right way and for healthy & strong teething.
  • Zinc to support your child’s growth along with healthy immune system.
  • Selenium that acts as an antioxidant in the body, protecting your child’s cells membrane from oxidative damage.
  • Taurine, Choline & inositol, the brain building nutrients for mental and intellectual development of your child.
  • Vanilla flavoured as preferred by children at this age.
  • Sucrose free for healthy teeth development.

Packs available: 
400g tin.